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Celebrating Love & Life... Your Way
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  1. made for a particular customer or user.

    "a bespoke suit"

...Sprinkle your own dust...

Whilst remaining respectful of tradition, times past, and the emotions evoked by occasions such as weddings and funerals, my strong belief is these are days of unique collaborations. Therefore, we are not constrained, nor must we adhere to or conform with, what we have experienced previously.

Love, grief, excitement, humour, and truth are as powerful as they are important. These should be free to play a central role throughout the planning and presentation of your Bespoke celebration.

Tell me the story, how you would like it told, and I will deliver exactly that for you.

Celebrate, reflect, dance, sit, laugh, cry, rejoice, remember.

There are very few limitations; this is entirely up to and for you and your loved ones.

I need to piece together names, faces, emotions, and stories to create a tangible, unique ceremony. For that and various other reasons, this website is superfluous. We should meet, chat, and once we have,  everything will be perfect.

Not only would I love to help and be involved, together we will create and achieve your ultimate, personal;

Bespoke Celebration

Bespoke Celebrations

I became a Celebrant to contribute and collaborate with people through their celebrations of life and love.

Because I believe in my unique ability to connect with anyone, my quick wit, and genuine want to help you smile, remember, laugh, and love (sometimes all over again).

My sincere desire is to really hear and share your story of those you love, with those you love, in a personal and meaningful manner.

Ensconced in wedded bliss since 2007, and with two wonderfully challenging daughters, has me acutely sensitive to love and those we treasure.

Still a young man, yet old enough to have witnessed and experienced the examinations and triumphs of life, death, love and loss, to authenticate your individual needs and desires.

Vast writing and public speaking experience complemented by humour, empathy and professionalism, has me perfectly suited and excited to assist you in creating and delivering your quintessential ceremony.

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0407 562 503​

Melbourne, Victoria

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